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Vacuuming only touches the surface of a carpeted area. Even after vacuuming your home's carpet will have extensive grime and dirt buildup that requires extensive carpet cleaning. Though there is do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods, these are often expensive and ineffective. Therefore, hiring a professional to deep clean your home's carpets is best. Before hiring a specialist, however, you will want to consider a few end of tenancy cleaning services London these tips.
How Often Should You Hire a Professional?
You do not need a professional to come in monthly to clean your carpet. Instead, hire professional cleaning for high-traffic areas every 12 to 18 months. If the room is rarely used you can push that limit back to 24 months.
Questions to Ask
There is nothing wrong with asking questions of a potential service provider. When you are looking to hire a company for carpet cleaning you should ask the essential questions that include:
A� How long they have been in business
A� What type of training their technicians have
A� Whether or not they vacuum before deep cleaning
A� If they use chemical cleaning solutions
Getting an Estimate
While over-the-phone estimates are most common, experts agree that you should have an in-home inspection and estimate completed by a professional company. This is because most homeowners grossly underestimate their carpet's condition or the size of their carpet to begin with and this leads to inaccurate estimates over the phone. Furthermore, having a person come to your property can help determine what type of cleaning your home's carpet needs and the amount of furniture that will need to be removed prior to cleaning. Any estimate you receive should be in writing so that you can verify this amount once the project is complete and the bill has been received.
Ensure You Get Your Money's Worth
In today's economy not everyone has the money to spend on professional carpet cleaning. Therefore make sure you get your money's worth by:
A� Showing the individual all problem areas on your carpet, especially stains that you want removed.
A� Contacting the manufacturer for the carpet and making sure there are no special cleaning requirements or if stain-treatments need to be reapplied.
A� Waiting to put furniture back or walk on the carpet until it is completely dry.
Professional cleaning services have the experience and equipment needed to give your home's carpeting a quality, deep clean. Though at-home cleaning methods are out there, these methods can actually cause more harm than good - especially if you use the wrong carpet cleaning technique on your carpet.