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Provide employees with input and choices.  The more we feel we can control in our world, the more satisfied we are.  As a manager, what can you let go of?  How can you give a little more independence to your staff? When they feel in control, they'll be more motivated to perform.

As the guy increases the speed of his hand motion, the woman can control her orgasm by relaxing and opening and closing her legs until it feels really good. Provided that the technique is good, she will ejaculate a little. The huge 'fountain' orgasms will come later, now is simply the time to give her her first taster. Once she ejaculates a little, she will then be ready for some more advanced techniques to give her an even more powerful orgasm.

This is by far the mostly easy technique and can be performed alone or with an accomplice. Prevent the activation for 30-60 seconds and begin again one time you experience that you have recovered control. The method involving activating the pe-nis and preventing just prior to you experience you are about to discharge. Lastly, let the ejacu-lation take place, in order to that you can recognize the point of no returning. Do this process again 4-5 times, preventing and resting each time you experience that you are about to keep an orgasm.

NARS Cosmetics has brought us many wonderful and beautiful things (think
Emma Stone's flawless Oscars lip
), but the beloved beauty brand best known for its Orgasm blush: an ultra soft pinky powder that
looks good on pretty much everyone
. And now NARS is giving us even more ways to get the blush.

The key reason is that a female ejaculation orgasm feels very different. The sensation can make her feel like she is about to urinate. This can be a big problem as it is easy for her to feel shy about the process and actually inhibit her own orgasm. However, if she has already had a regular orgasm, she should be able to notice the similarities and realize that this time the feeling of wanting to pee is actually a good thing, as it lets you both know that the orgasm is approaching.

Have you already heard of the term squirting orgasm? Since women are unable to produce as much semen as men do during ejaculation, it is believed that a squirting orgasm is the female equivalent of reaching their sexual peak. There are some misconceptions about squirting orgasms, however. If you don't want to make the same mistakes that dozens of other men did which led to their partners being unsatisfied in bed, then read about the top three mistakes that men make when it comes to giving women squirting orgasms.

Develop goals and challenges for all employees.  No matter the job, employees should know what they are working to achieve and what they need to do to get there. A clear path is a certain way to squirt some serotonin around. 
In the coming months we'll explore more ideas for creating a motivating work environment.  We'll also explore how to avoid squirting cortisol into employee's brains, demotivating them when we might not even realize we are doing it.  As a manager, it's important to know that just a little "squirt" can make a difference in another person's life. Make it a good one.

Add some fun and variety into the daily routine.  When was the last time you and your staff laughed and played together? Throw around a ball, start an American Idol pool (I knew David Cook would win!), begin each staff meeting with a "fun fact."  Anything that breaks the monotony and adds energy will squirt a little serotonin around.

Beauty vlogger Christen Dominique
 got her hands on a bottle in advance and said that not only does the formula "melt right into your skin," a little bit goes a long way. The new version of Orgasm will be the first of its liquid-y kind, which makes us wonder whether we'll be seeing more shades in the near future (we hope so!)

An article in the March 2008 HRMagazine shared some interesting research about employee motivation and its link to brain function.  It said that if a manager shows interest in employees, supports them, and praises them genuinely, the manager is essentially "squirting" serotonin into the employee's brain.  Serotonin is the chemical that makes us feel good.  It opens our minds to new ideas and creates a desire to support others. Serotonin leads to enhanced levels of motivation.

However, the way that the female body is built sexually is different from the way that you are built. A glaring difference is the fact that it takes about 20 minutes of direct stimulation for a woman to reach an orgasm, while for men, it takes only five minutes or less. So if you want her to have a squirting orgasm, do not rush through the process. Take your time and indulge in a long-winded foreplay - you won't regret it.

In fact squirting orgasms are easy to have once couples master the basic technique. The technique for squirting orgasms is the most important thing to get the hang of. The motion is often called the "come hither" motion as it looks similar to the motion that a person would use to beckon someone forward. In addition this curling motion of the fingers can be accompanied with an arm motion for a more powerful motion. The arm motion involves using your bicep to add more power to the finger motion. The combination of both the arm and finger motion is the key to squirting orgasms.

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